Welcome To Altimus


ALTIMUS´ is the exclusive worldwide representative for GPIT Mexico. GPIT, founded in 1964, recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. GPIT is headquartered in Mexico City, with clients throughout Mexico and Latin America. Its main services relate to all aspects of LP and natural gas systems: construction, management, and maintenance. As a result, ALTIMUS assists clients to optimize resources and minimize costs.

ALTIMUS offers a wide range of services including: survey, audit and verification of LPG/Natural Gas supply lines; specialized leak detection and underground pipelines; converting boilers, dryers, etc., from oil to gas fuel; facility design; project engineering; equipment commissioning; construction of clients’ facilities; and management of compliance with the Mexican regulatory authorities. We can also manage our client’s government relations, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM).

ALTIMUS and its strategic partner companies offer a turnkey approach and can take your project from A-to-Z: from design to installation to management and maintenance. This can save you time and free your resources to focus on your core business. Examples include: cogeneration, design and construction of LP/Natural Gas systems and lines for boilers, dryers, vehicles and other combustion equipment; and audit/monitoring of civil and electro-mechanical projects.

In summary, at ALTIMUS, we are committed to your success. Our 50 years-plus of experience in Mexico enable us to significantly grow your business. We can also help you to take advantage of Mexico’s recent energy reforms.

In short, at ALTIMUS: